1xbet betting online

1xbet betting online

These € 5 are valid for 30 days and can only be used to buy other bingo cards. Winnings from these cards will be credited to the player’s real balance.
Payment methods and 1xbet withdrawal

The operator offers secure payment methods and a wide range of methods to choose from.

Here they are:

payment methods

If you want to withdraw from your gaming account instead, follow these steps:

access the casino software with your user and password;
click on the Cashier button;
you will be asked to enter an email address, which will be sent a betting online verification code to be inserted in the page;
enter the value you want to withdraw and confirm by clicking on Withdraw funds;
the request will be processed on the first working day.

How to download the 1xbet app to play from a mobile device
Only a few steps to get the 1xbet app on your device. This can be downloaded for free from the App Store of iOS devices and from the Play Stores of Android smartphones.
The alternative is to download directly from the site. To do this, follow these 4 steps:
from the browser of your mobile device, go directly to the 1xbet website;
a page will open with all the 1xbet mobile apps available;
choose 1xbet Sport;
Download Now and the download will start immediately.
As we told you in the introduction, 1xbet and 1xbet are the two operators in Italy who own the AAMS license for 1xbet horse betting. 1xbet wanted to satisfy the demands of horse lovers by creating an ad hoc 1xbet app.
To download it you simply need to follow the first 2 steps we explained to you for the 1xbet sport app and then select 1xbet Horse Racing. Then activate the download by selecting Download Now.
For completeness of information, we tell you that these are not the only two applications put on the market by the Italian operator. You can also download:
green slots
red slots
blue casino
half past seven
Our analysis will remain focused on the 1xbet apps dedicated to 1xbet sports bets.

1xbet sport app: compatible operating systems
You can download the 1xbet app for the following operating systems:
iOS (smartphone and tablet)
Android (smartphone)
Anyone who owns a device that has other operating systems (such as Blackberry or Windows) will be able to browse the site, opening it from the browser on their phone.
1xbet bonus 1xbet app: what they are and how to get them
Unfortunately there is no type of 1xbet bonus connected to the use of the 1xbet App. At least it is not at the moment. In fact, one of the strengths of this operator is certainly the number and frequency of new promotions always available.
If you are a new player and decide to open your mobile game account, know that you can still count on the 1xbet welcome bonus available. In addition, 2 1xbet bonuses are provided for those who download and play from the 1xbet app:
€ 5 for the GIOCHI app
€ 5 more for those who install and play with the 7 and 1/2 CASINO app
For more information on other promotions and 1xbet offers with the relevant activation codes, read

1xbet app: everything you can do
The time has come to analyze the 1xbet app, with its graphics and its features.
Let’s start with how it looks. You will immediately notice that thanks to clear icons and essential graphics, it is easy to understand and navigate. Furthermore, the last update made, led to an improvement in the widgets that make the transition from one page to another even faster and more intuitive.
1xbet goes straight to the point and in the central part of the screen shows you all the 1xbets most played bets of the moment. If you are not satisfied, you can select the sport that interests you and see all the other available games.
The 1xbet Sport app boasts a fairly complete schedule, in which you’ll find most of the 1xbet bets available on the site. Not only football but also basketball, handball, tennis, motors, darts and many others, for a schedule of 19 disciplines covered.

Even with the application you can do both antematch games and live events. For this last one there is also a dedicated live for the most important matches.
Equally complete is the Ixica mobile 1xbet. The application has recently been rewritten. Tot, Ippica Nazionale, fixed fee, Streaming video and Radio 1xbet are all the features offered.
We remind you that both applications are totally free and available for Android and iOS. All the operations you will carry out will be in total safety, being the AAMS certified operator (Customs and Monopolies Agency).